In just 3 minutes

Watch Steve Jobs Keynote about the iPad in 3 minutes..

Listen to to a 3 minute song..

Get a 6 pack in 3 minutes..

Learn how to play a ukulele in 3 minutes..

A lot can happen in just 3 minutes..

but, can love happen in 3 minutes?

I'm going to UNO Pizzeria Restaurant & Bar, for its Speed Dating Event on Feb 11, 2010

This is my second time to try this thing out. The first time was 3-4 years ago and it was kinda corny. It was an inter school thingy where the girls I "dated" were just sitting-in since they were the organizers and there was a shortage of girls. So the dates weren't as enjoyable as I had hoped. They were too busy thinking about the event.

Anyways, I'm accompanying a few girl-friends. They said they needed a guy to fend off the creeps and weirdos, and I was happy to be that guy.

So what happens in a speed dating event?
An equal amount of guys and girls are paired up and given 3 minutes to sell themselves for a chance for sparks to fly. Sounds good right? You get to meet a large number of the opposite sex in a time frame thats long enough for you to dig deeper into that first sighting but short enough so that you can't make a complete fool out of yourself. With the variety of choices and controlled environment, it would seem ideal to at least lead to a second meeting.

But, in reality, people never prepare for things like this. Common advise from friends would dictate to the participants to be themselves but to put their best foot forward.

So two nervous people being so self conscious, looking for the questions thats more meaningful than "Where you from?, what do you do" would struggle the first minute or two, and once they get the hang of things, *ding*, next date....

So I'll just skip all that and make a game out of this..
So here I am planning ways to entertain my self in those 30+ dates I'm going to have.
I'll try these on different dates..

  • Start the date with Joey's "How you doin?" line and answer all her questions with a smile
  • Speak in Japanese
  • Just eat the pizzas they're going to serve in front of her for 3 minutes
  • Talk to the girl in the next table
  • Talk to the guy in the next table
  • Show her the Lemon Law card
  • Surf the net on my Blackberry
  • Read Twilight to her
  • Rip a big one and blame it on her
  • Mirror her every move and repeat what she says in a maarte accent
  • Tell her an extravagant but semi-believable lie about myself and who I am. Tell her I lied right before the date ends
  • Be brutally honest. Then tell her I lied about everything right before the date ends
  • Talk like Mike Enriquez.... Pasok!
  • Act drunk..
  • Get drunk!
  • Take a shot every time she stutters or says Um
  • A few moments into the date, I'll check my phone and say I just won the lotto! Act like maniac!
  • Talk in j0l0gZ TxT language..Elo p0h! MuZta na U?

Add your suggestions in the comments section!

anyways, don't think I can do all these. I'll just enjoy whatever happens.

UPDATE: FEB 16, 2010:

Well, the short story is, it didn't happen.
Speed dating became slow-dating with the person in front of me, who happens to be my friend Clars who invited me there.
They scheduled it 7-10pm but there were less than 20 people till 930pm. By 10pm, we decided to leave, and that's when they wanted to start. We said thanks, but no thanks.

We had some food, we took their giftbags, and I took home a small basket of booze I won in a drinking game.
I won in a drinking game #fb on Twitpic

Eating #fb on Twitpic
We met two new people, a magician and a lovely young girl, but that was that.



rubycube said...

Was seriously entertained reading this. Good luck!

Christia said...

ahahahaha funny guy! Goodluck! May love find you =)


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