Diggin up some pics

Been looking through my old files to upload some of my shots from the past

Here's a set from when I went all around Mindanao

jumping on the spring wagon Ask me anything



I took a seminar this morning at STI at Fort, Taguig.
This was sponsored by Globe TattooSTI and OneYouth

First up was Jim Paredes with Basic Photography and Appreciation

It was okay. He did say upfront that although he's been shooting since film days, he wasn't very technical.
Like, he doesn't remember all the exposure settings of some of his shots and said he's been using Auto for the longest time. But that's okay, coz I've been like that also.

He then showed us some of his shots, then that's where I got really impressed.
This guy is an artist! He knows how to tell a story. He knows how to stir up emotions and make the viewers "feel".

It's this "photographer's eye" that takes the most effort to develop. I think it's easy for Jim as he's a real artist.
I'm still working and developing my eye.


some shots i took

Then next up was Jerry Carual, The Presidential Photographer.

Jerry is also an active officer of various professional organizations such as:
Press Photographers of the Philippines -
Government Photographers Association of the Philippines
Presidential Photojournalists Association

So his topic was Photojournalism

He said it's telling a story, carrying the scene to the reader.
he took this definition from Henri Cartier-Bressnon, who once said,

"There is a creative fraction of a second when you are taking a picture. Your eye must see a composition or an expression that life itself offers you, and you must know with intuition when to click the camera. That is the moment the photographer is creative," he said. "Oops! The Moment! Once you miss it, it is gone forever."

So he explained the ins and outs.

the risks, being pointed a gun at, and having multiple death threats..
how he had 2 colleagues in the Maguindanao massacre
and the some other dangers abroad. 
He had this one friend just taking a shot of the sunset somewhere in the Middle-East, then he was shot in the head with a .38 calibre. dang man...

He explained:
How to hold the cam
Having two cameras with different focal lengths
How to walk backwards while looking where the pillbox and flying water bottles are coming from.

Then he started showing some shots and how to tell a story.
This was cool. You really have to squeeze those creative juices especially since if you are on assignment, you will be there with a dozen other photographers and you will most likely have the same shot.

I've never really been a high fashion photog, macro, and nature landscapes are just okay for me. What I really I like is capturing the moment and telling stories. That is why this short and FREE workshop was really cool.

These two photogs gave their story and you can see that their experience is what really helped them develop this skill. They showed how to dictate the image, how to place the viewer's eye. 
Alamin mo kung saan babagsak ang mata



Trends come and go like snap of a finger, especially now in the internet age where everything is Tweeted and everything is a posted on Facebook, there's SOOO much information it's like everyone has ADD. 
But when something is hot, people hammer it on!

One example is the hashtag #UpperEastFail
from this original post,

all of a sudden it became a trending topic. Just click on this to see the different twitter posts or read the comments in OurAwesomePlanet which led to further tweeting
This poor restaurant Upper East is a victim of TRENDSTOMPING 
The collective mocking of a target through social networks, a groundswell of ridicule via Twitter or Facebook.

People can be so heartless, but just reading the write-up on their website, some people just can't help it.

Comments criticizing every word, then more comments that are eventually unbiased just to add to the pile. The fact that these short messages are passed so fast, a spark can turn into a flame and the flame into a fire, and into a blazing inferno! It's uncontrollable!

but then again.. people have ADD..
and as some one just posted,

So what's next?


i'll try this place nga, it's near the office anyways.
Upper East
Ground Floor, NDC Building
116 Tordesillas Street
Salcedo Village, Makati City Upper East is open Nov 11 to Dec 12, 2009 
Tues to Sat, 11:30 AM to 2PM for lunch service
Fri and Sat, 6PM to 9:30PM for dinner service
Closed on Mondays
December 12 onwards will be open for private functions

Uncovered: Waterlily

Uncovered Series: I'll just be posting some old photos I took before to beef up this site.
It could be photos I posted in my Multiply (which is sadly dying, damn FB), or actual photographs that I found and will scan and upload here.

For the first Uncovered photo, it will be the shot I took that made me realize that I was ColorBlind


I shot this back in 1999.
I was taking my first photography workshop at the Mowelfund Film Institute.
Our teacher then, was the father of Gary "Mr Pure Energy" Valenciano, Vicente Valenciano.
One weekend, we went on a field trip and went to Fort Santiago, Intramuros. I took shots of cobblestone, the footsteps of Rizal, the towers and buildings. Fun day! I don't know why but a lot of people go here when they start out Photography for their first few photowalks. (See Ira's and Ellyn's Photowalk, Walled City Photowalk, Flickr)

Walking around in the walled city, I came to a patch of waterlilies. I snapped my shot then went on taking more pictures of walls and cobblestone. I had a LOT of cobblestone pictures.
Anyways, after developing my own film (yes, I developed it on my own, I printed it as well using an Enlarger), I showed the class my photo, they commented on how the colors were really pretty and how the red "popped".

I was surprised and it made me look at the picture again. Indeed there were red flowers in the picture.
And all of that time, I thought I was just shooting the green floating leaves.

A few weeks later, I went to the doctor and had my eyes checked and confirmed that I'm color-blind.
The Red-Green kind. This means, if theres a wall of green and specks of red (like the pic above) I won't be able to see the Red, and vice-versa.
Please note that this only happens at first glance. I can see the Red as long as I take a real good look at it.

Check if you are colorblind here
What colorblind people see here  (though I can't really differentiate)

How does it feel being colorblind?

I feel normal and it's nothing really detrimental to my life.

- Except for that test I took in highschool using a Maroon pen. The teacher made me re-do the test and write all 5 pages of essays in black ballpen.
- And when people have me look for that green "thing" (their bag, their shirt, or other stuff)
- And when my clothes don't match
- And during Christmas time with all the Red and Green!!
- and when I edit pictures.. dang!

hahaha oh well,  c'est la vie 
I'm the ColorBlind Photog



It's the dawn of a new age..

Diet and exercise starts on December 1. I need to lose some weight as none of my pants fit anymore.
What I despise about my  body is that all the fats go straight to my gut and gluts


Canon Boy here!

Here's a funny video

I don't care about the brand, as long as you know how to use your gear!
So any Canon grrls/Nikon shorties out there?!


Light Writing

Photography is literally writing with light..



I wanna go to the beach


just lounge around with a fruitshake..


Singapore bound

I booked me and my family to Singapore next year.

I was lucky to catch this in my Twitter
@CebuPacific5J:Who wants good news?P1 seat sale to any destination is back! Promo until Nov 22, travel period June 15-Sept 30, 2010.

So whipped out my card and booked 6 of us to Singapore-lah..

Ira's never been so why not..



I'm going to eat eat eat!!!!

Send me suggestions of some good stalls to check out, or what dishes to try out!




I've been waiting so long
To be where I'm going
In the sunshine of your love.
-Cream, In the Sunshine of Your Love


fill er up..

Man, I'm getting fat.
Eating pizza, potato chips, hotdogs, burgers, instant noodles, french fries, fried siomai, burritos.. food is just so good.. but alas, i planning to make a commitment and I need to stick to it.

December 1,  Diet and Exercise here I come.
I know it's going to be tough especially with the Holidays, but I can do it!!


Neil Patrick Harris is big right now.

He's got a huge following especially with the current character he plays, Barney Stinson.The character's just insane!

Check out these fake sites!

he just got twitter today.
follow him,

i was tracking how many people will add him, look at the time,


Our dear friend, Frank the Tank Patajo is in the hospital now.
Masyado kasing hardcore!
not from drinking but from a high-speed, mid-air collision involving 4 high flying Ultimate players

I'll visit you later!


Globe telecom sucks ass.... yun lang.. They suck!


my parents

My parents having a picnic at the Sunken Garden.

I had a wonderful talk with them last night. I learned so much.

Love you guys!

christmas is nearing

I will start watching Christmas movies..
and one of the movies in my list is Gremlins...

Gizmo!! mogwai mogwai!!


the crew

I was helping my bro shoot his reel today at the Ateneo.
I was gonna take a few BTS shots and fill-in as dude#3 and of course drive my lil bro.

Te lead didn't wake up and we were waiting an hour.
So I took this shot while just hanging.



Spirits 2009

High School buds

HS buds, originally uploaded by ssshortzzz.

we're getting older but still acting like jack-asses...



Zombie Walk Manila


Apparently, some things I should know

cz I'm an aspiring photographer..


great read, hope you don't mind the repost from

What Every Aspiring Photographer Should Know
These are my thoughts, nothing more and nothing less.
I get asked all the time, during workshops, in e-mails, in private messages, what words of wisdom I would give to a new and aspiring photographer. Here’s my answer.
- Style is a voice, not a prop or an action. If you can buy it, borrow it, download it, or steal it, it is not a style. Don’t look outward for your style; look inward.
- Know your stuff. Luck is a nice thing, but a terrifying thing to rely on. It’s like money; you only have it when you don’t need it.
- Never apologize for your own sense of beauty. Nobody can tell you what you should love. Do what you do brazenly and unapologetically. You cannot build your sense of aesthetics on a concensus.
- Say no. Say it often. It may be difficult, but you owe it to yourself and your clients. Turn down jobs that don’t fit you, say no to overbooking yourself. You are no good to anyone when you’re stressed and anxious.
- Learn to say “I’m a photographer” out loud with a straight face. If you can’t say it and believe it, you can’t expect anyone else to, either.
- You cannot specialize in everything.
- You don’t have to go into business just because people tell you you should! And you don’t have to be full time and making an executive income to be successful. If you decide you want to be in business, set your limits before you begin.
- Know your style before you hang out your shingle. If you don’t, your clients will dictate your style to you. That makes you nothing more than a picture taker. Changing your style later will force you to start all over again, and that’s tough.
- Accept critique, but don’t apply it blindly. Just because someone said it does not make it so. Critiques are opinions, nothing more. Consider the advice, consider the perspective of the advice giver, consider your style and what you want to convey in your work. Implement only what makes sense to implement. That doesn’t not make you ungrateful, it makes you independent.
- Leave room for yourself to grow and evolve. It may seem like a good idea to call your business “Precious Chubby Tootsies”….but what happens when you decide you love to photograph seniors? Or boudoir?
- Remember that if your work looks like everyone else’s, there’s no reason for a client to book you instead of someone else. Unless you’re cheaper. And nobody wants to be known as “the cheaper photographer”.
- Gimmicks and merchandise will come and go, but honest photography is never outdated.
- It’s easier to focus on buying that next piece of equipment than it is to accept that you should be able to create great work with what you’ve got. Buying stuff is a convenient and expensive distraction. You need a decent camera, a decent lens, and a light meter. Until you can use those tools consistently and masterfully, don’t spend another dime. Spend money on equipment ONLY when you’ve outgrown your current equipment and you’re being limited by it. There are no magic bullets.
- Learn that people photography is about people, not about photography. Great portraits are a side effect of a strong human connection.
- Never forget why you started taking pictures in the first place. Excellent technique is a great tool, but a terrible end product. The best thing your technique can do is not call attention to itself. Never let your technique upstage your subject.
- Never compare your journey with someone else’s. It’s a marathon with no finish line. Someone else may start out faster than you, may seem to progress more quickly than you, but every runner has his own pace. Your journey is your journey, not a competition. You will never “arrive”. No one ever does.
- Embrace frustration. It pushes you to learn and grow, broadens your horizons, and lights a fire under you when your work has gone cold. Nothing is more dangerous to an artist than complacency.
- CJ


Loyola Memorial

some pics at the cemetery today

loooong day.. on the way home, there was a 5 car accident on the foot of the flyover going to marikina..
shet, guys be careful when driving!!!

Sarap mag beach

canyoncove-023, originally uploaded by ssshortzzz.

Went to batangas to go to the beach...

we just swam in the pool...



ian, originally uploaded by tikayiyay.
this is a pic of me from my friend Tish.
Check out her flickr at


i want a new cam

if i get a cam with video.. i'll try stuff like these..

Last Day Dream [HD] from Chris Milk on Vimeo.

till then.. you'll just have to put up with these kind of shots




Weekend at Coron

I had a wonderful trip to Coron, Palawan the past weekend.

Palawan is an island in the western part of the Philippines,
Coron is there up top

It's a whole different world out there.
Right when we landed at Busuanga. Our group wanted to see it all. There's so much to do, we didn't know where to start. We decided to separate. Some went to the beach, while my group went to Calauit. The safari tour which was well well worth it.


There were zebras, girrafes, deer, monkeys, birds, alligators..

It was a looooong drive going back to the lodge we were staying at.
It's called Princess of Coron.
It's a nice and quaint place run by the Hausmann couple (Austrian!)
The place looks like this

But every time I hear Princess of Coron, I think of this:
Princess of Coron


We regrouped that night and went to Sea Dive for dinner.

The next day, we had a quick breakfast then we set of to

I jumped of a 12 foot rock here at this lake!

We went snorkeling..

We went swimming..

I dunno, we just had fun..

Not much pictures, since I didn't want to get my cam wet, and I was there to swim and snorkel.. hahaha

then we went to the beach! We had our own little beach to ourselves..

We had tuna and inihaw na baboy and squid fun lunch. The bangkero/boatman cooked it on the boat just using a tin can and charcoal! how cool is that?!

we just lounged around while the girls sunbathed..

We found Patrick Starfish! hehe

then we went on to the twin lagoons

Somewhere there in the middle, there's a spot where you swim underneath so you can get to the lagoon! My God, it was wonderful.. again, I don't have any photos but take my word. It was awesome! I just wanted to float there in the middle (using my lifevest) in the middle of it all...

Afterwards, we were up for more snorkeling. the waters were cooling down and the fish came out. We had some bread so we fed the fish..

It started to rain, but it quickly cleared up. But you know what that means.. Rainbows!!

after a long day.. we decided to head back..
on the way back, the sun was setting.. so i decided to practice my strobing..

we got back to POC, then relaxed a bit before going to Bistro for dinner.. People say it's a must-go eatery so we decided to try it and order everything!! hahaha just kidding..
we did order a few pizzas and played some billiards

Day 3 of this weekend,
we just went into town looking for pasalubong..
I got a few packs of Kasuy (Cashew nuts)..
We were actually just so tired, we just hung out and enjoyed each others company.
I had a great time this past weekend and had time for R&R.

Till next time...



hello, originally uploaded by ssshortzzz.

hi, how are you?
what's up how are you doing?


Oracle Townhall Photobooth

Here's my first test run for a photobooth.

One of the problems was looking for a spot to set things up.
Then setup time was a little long.
I need a faster laptop and need to test the printer.
But it was fun


aged, originally uploaded by ssshortzzz.

There's wisdom and knowledge with age




My Portfolio

These are my some of my shots that I would like to share with you.
Click on Full Screen at the bottom right of each

You can always check out this link to see the whole portfolio


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