Ultimate Taste Test 4.0

a short vid of my experience at the Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 last May.

Was busy with my sister's wedding and all that I only got to post this now.

So I attended the event with Mico, Candy and Guia a few weeks ago.
There were around 45 suppliers and I brought my appetite!
This was fun..
Wish I could write a better account of my experience but I've been really busy..

Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 from Ian Villar on Vimeo.


The Fort

I better take some good shots before all the buildings shoot up and there wont be a view anymore..

The Fort


Manila American Memorial

Thanks to Jason for inviting me to his home and letting me shoot



Tayug Trip

Had a drive to Tayug with the Family

Starry Starry Night

It was drizzling but was a perfect night for disc

Starry Disc Night



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