let's eat


2013 where did it go

my 365 project has failed again.. I only reached 66 pics compared to 90+ pics in 2011..

It was still an eventful year full of fun and adventure.. And I made a few videos throughout the year

The USC night league 2013 was held at Emperador Stadium this year and was very exciting.

My Ultimate team went to Binondo for a fun food trip

I must have eaten more than 5 kilos worth of food..

A short easy climb after a few months of  taking a climbing hiatus

Exploring beautiful Bali


2013 Day 66

2013 Day 66 by ssshortzzz
2013 Day 66, a photo by ssshortzzz on Flickr.

Going to the island for a weekend full of Sun Surf and Sand..

Boracay Open 2013 is Presented by 2XU, HUMAN PERFORMANCE MULTIPLIED.

"Hey Sexy Lady"

March 7: Registration 8pm; Captains meeting 9pm at Paradise Garden Hotel

March 8: Party @ Area 51, 9pm

March 9: Costume party at Club Summer Place. Theme: bachelorette party

March 10: Beach party after the games at Casa Pilar


2013 Day 64

2013 Day 64 by ssshortzzz
2013 Day 64, a photo by ssshortzzz on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Ride Life, Ride Giant..
I just have to continue training.. it's going to be all worth it come 226..

2013 Day 63

2013 Day 63 by ssshortzzz
2013 Day 63, a photo by ssshortzzz on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Been swimming everyday the past 4 days.. I need to work on my form and speed


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