It's the dawn of a new age..

Diet and exercise starts on December 1. I need to lose some weight as none of my pants fit anymore.
What I despise about my  body is that all the fats go straight to my gut and gluts


Canon Boy here!

Here's a funny video

I don't care about the brand, as long as you know how to use your gear!
So any Canon grrls/Nikon shorties out there?!


Light Writing

Photography is literally writing with light..



I wanna go to the beach


just lounge around with a fruitshake..


Singapore bound

I booked me and my family to Singapore next year.

I was lucky to catch this in my Twitter
@CebuPacific5J:Who wants good news?P1 seat sale to any destination is back! Promo until Nov 22, travel period June 15-Sept 30, 2010.

So whipped out my card and booked 6 of us to Singapore-lah..

Ira's never been so why not..



I'm going to eat eat eat!!!!

Send me suggestions of some good stalls to check out, or what dishes to try out!




I've been waiting so long
To be where I'm going
In the sunshine of your love.
-Cream, In the Sunshine of Your Love


fill er up..

Man, I'm getting fat.
Eating pizza, potato chips, hotdogs, burgers, instant noodles, french fries, fried siomai, burritos.. food is just so good.. but alas, i planning to make a commitment and I need to stick to it.

December 1,  Diet and Exercise here I come.
I know it's going to be tough especially with the Holidays, but I can do it!!


Neil Patrick Harris is big right now.

He's got a huge following especially with the current character he plays, Barney Stinson.The character's just insane!

Check out these fake sites!

he just got twitter today.
follow him,

i was tracking how many people will add him, look at the time,


Our dear friend, Frank the Tank Patajo is in the hospital now.
Masyado kasing hardcore!
not from drinking but from a high-speed, mid-air collision involving 4 high flying Ultimate players

I'll visit you later!


Globe telecom sucks ass.... yun lang.. They suck!


my parents

My parents having a picnic at the Sunken Garden.

I had a wonderful talk with them last night. I learned so much.

Love you guys!

christmas is nearing

I will start watching Christmas movies..
and one of the movies in my list is Gremlins...

Gizmo!! mogwai mogwai!!


the crew

I was helping my bro shoot his reel today at the Ateneo.
I was gonna take a few BTS shots and fill-in as dude#3 and of course drive my lil bro.

Te lead didn't wake up and we were waiting an hour.
So I took this shot while just hanging.



Spirits 2009

High School buds

HS buds, originally uploaded by ssshortzzz.

we're getting older but still acting like jack-asses...



Zombie Walk Manila


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