at the bar

Last Saturday night, I helped out a friend and shot peeps at Amber Ultra Lounge.

Now, what in the hell is an Ultra Lounge?
ah.. it's a disco-disco, a club.
I was there by 10pm to shoot people there. Okay fine, I shot the girls there. I took photos so that they can have a chance to win gift certificates and tickets to Boracay!
Once they heard those lines, they were putty in my hands.. but that's a different story.
And well, I can't upload the pics here, I gave it all to the organizers.

Anyways, my post today is about how I'm not really into the clubbing scene. I don't like how it's super crowded and the how the music is blasted at full power. I'm more of the hang-out-at-a-bar type of guy.

Though there aren't as many English type pubs here in Manila, as most Filipinos can drink anywhere. They can even drink diyan lang sa kanto.

If you have a little more money and want a place with ambiance, there are plenty of hip and happening bars all around the metro. There's more seats and you can really lounge and hang out, but they still blast the music so you do less talking and more drinking.

Here's my bar photos reminiscent of the opening scene of How I Met Your Mother

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