2013 Day 57

2013 Day 57 by ssshortzzz
2013 Day 57, a photo by ssshortzzz on Flickr.

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lighting tests with issa my sister
thanks issa for putting up with the flashes even though it gives you a headache


2013 Day 54

2013 Day 54 by ssshortzzz
2013 Day 54, a photo by ssshortzzz on Flickr.

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Brought my parents to the airport. Hope you guys have a wonderful time at Bacolod

It's all cake and sweets there so Dad, think before you eat!
A minute on the lips a life time on the hips ..


2013 Day 53

2013 Day 53 by ssshortzzz
2013 Day 53, a photo by ssshortzzz on Flickr.

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Super rainy day today.. I thank God that I'm warm and have food here at home, but I can't help but think of those who are homeless and have a difficult time as soon as it starts to rain..


2013 Day 48

2013 Day 48 by ssshortzzz
2013 Day 48, a photo by ssshortzzz on Flickr.

My dear mother!
I love you but you're crazy...


2013 Day 44

2013 Day 44 by ssshortzzz
2013 Day 44, a photo by ssshortzzz on Flickr.

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Ash Wednesday, it's the start of Lent. So what are you giving up for 40 days?


2013 Day 41

2013 Day 41 by ssshortzzz
2013 Day 41, a photo by ssshortzzz on Flickr.

It's Chinese new year.
I heard mass with my parents in the morning while my siblings Ira and Issa went to spend some family time with their fiances who happen to be Chinese.

It's the year of the water Snake..
I don't read much into the texts but supposedly it's going to be a good year.

In any case, I feel really good and it's my plan to make it a good year. I hope you guys have a good year as well


2013 Day 38

2013 Day 38 by ssshortzzz
2013 Day 38, a photo by ssshortzzz on Flickr.

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Long day at work and late night at frisbee practice.. by the time I got home, I only had 20 minutes til midnight and i hadn't shot anything for the day..
I was thinking should i dress up first since i was still my my smelly ultimate get up, or shoould I start looking for a shot.. It was extra dusty in Corinthians tonight and decided to take a quick shower, so when I was stripping down, I noticed the empty hamper, and I knew I got my shot..

this is my empty hamper using my Sigma 10-20, and I just popped a flash into it


2013 Day 35

2013 Day 35 by ssshortzzz
2013 Day 35, a photo by ssshortzzz on Flickr.

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we got giant peppers and tomatoes.. hmmm the possibilities...

what should i make?


2013 Day 33

2013 Day 33 by ssshortzzz
2013 Day 33, a photo by ssshortzzz on Flickr.

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Biked to alabang today.. it's 32 km and there's soooo much to take pictures of.. i need to go around more..


January 2013

So it's been a month and I would like to share some thoughts on my progress of the 365

I've had 2 of my photos on the Explore page of Flickr.
It's a very special honor since they pick the most interesting images of the day from the 10s of thousands of pics they post everyday from all around the world

The first one was my breakfast picture:

2013 Day 2
It's got around 800 views and a lot of likes..
I was trying to take a top down view but all my test shots were horrible. My egg torta was bit overcooked and it didn't photograph well. This was a last minute angle change before I moved on and took shots of the bookshelf. Those didn't come out well also and I finally chose this out of dozen of bad shots that day. Lucky shot? maybe..

The next photo which got featured in Explore was Day 8
2013 Day 8

The family (actually just Issa) was taking down the Christmas decorations and I had to take a shot with the lil Santas before they put them away.
Just like my shot from 2 years ago
Day 2

I had a bottle of Katipunan Craft's Christmas blend and I got this in 5 minutes

Part of this 365 project is cross-posting to my Instagram

I have a number of followers here different from the ones that see my work in Flickr.
Mostly friends and acquaintances, I see how the likes on Flickr and Instagram differ and how their tastes are different from each other

The most liked picture in my Instagram is the one of the Katipunan skyline
2013 Day 15
and since it's square on IG and I added a filter, it looks a bit different

Things I've learned:

1. If you put #hashtags, there are people around the world that search for those tags and will like your photo

2. I should bring my camera with me all the time. I do have my cellphone, but my current phone has a SUCKY camera and I'm unhappy with all the ones I took with my phone

3. Biking around is not only for exercise, but is a good way for me to look a nice shot

2013 Day 31

2013 Day 31 by ssshortzzz
2013 Day 31, a photo by ssshortzzz on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
It's been one month.. I can't believe how time flies..


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