What more can I say?
the legend

Ogit Landas.

we be rockin

Stylin them chucks..

stylin them chucks

bought a new pair for my sister Ivy's wedding in May.
Suits and Chucks..


the men in the house

my brother Ira and my father Henri

Since the big move, I've been going through all my things and I went through my family pics..
We got tons of prints from the 90's and early 00's but barely a handful the past few years..
So once we get settled and we clear all the crap, I'm going to print some of the nice pics I took of my family so we can frame them and hang them on the wall.


bday boy

I had a small get together for my birthday..

just uploaded pictures now to my multiply, view the album here, bday2010

just a few peeps

some food

lots of cake though..

pangit faces

my girls..

my boys..


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