I climbed the Snow Mountain in Taiwan

Last Feb 18-27, I was in Taiwan, mainly to climb Syue Mountain.
Syue Mountain (Syue literally means snow), is located in Shei-Pa National Park in Central Taiwan.

There were 10 of us. 9 AMCI members and one guest, Teddy who is part of the Smart Mountaineers.
This was my first time seeing snow so I was ecstatic when I finally saw it!


Pulag Perfection

Last weekend, January 20-22, we climbed up Mt Pulag.

It was a hell of a climb!  Good people, good food, good stories, good weather and just a good time!


SwimBikeRun Anniv Ride

To celebrate  turning 1 year, we went to Alabang for an easy ride.

Today was my first bike ride of the year, and I got a flat.. I had my spare handy, but when I started pumping, it turned out that it also had a hole..
Just my luck. Anyways, I enjoyed the 20-ish kilometers. Thank you Niel for picking me up and serving me breakfast.


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