Trends come and go like snap of a finger, especially now in the internet age where everything is Tweeted and everything is a posted on Facebook, there's SOOO much information it's like everyone has ADD. 
But when something is hot, people hammer it on!

One example is the hashtag #UpperEastFail
from this original post,

all of a sudden it became a trending topic. Just click on this to see the different twitter posts or read the comments in OurAwesomePlanet which led to further tweeting
This poor restaurant Upper East is a victim of TRENDSTOMPING 
The collective mocking of a target through social networks, a groundswell of ridicule via Twitter or Facebook.

People can be so heartless, but just reading the write-up on their website, some people just can't help it.

Comments criticizing every word, then more comments that are eventually unbiased just to add to the pile. The fact that these short messages are passed so fast, a spark can turn into a flame and the flame into a fire, and into a blazing inferno! It's uncontrollable!

but then again.. people have ADD..
and as some one just posted,

So what's next?


i'll try this place nga, it's near the office anyways.
Upper East
Ground Floor, NDC Building
116 Tordesillas Street
Salcedo Village, Makati City Upper East is open Nov 11 to Dec 12, 2009 
Tues to Sat, 11:30 AM to 2PM for lunch service
Fri and Sat, 6PM to 9:30PM for dinner service
Closed on Mondays
December 12 onwards will be open for private functions

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