Uncovered: Waterlily

Uncovered Series: I'll just be posting some old photos I took before to beef up this site.
It could be photos I posted in my Multiply (which is sadly dying, damn FB), or actual photographs that I found and will scan and upload here.

For the first Uncovered photo, it will be the shot I took that made me realize that I was ColorBlind


I shot this back in 1999.
I was taking my first photography workshop at the Mowelfund Film Institute.
Our teacher then, was the father of Gary "Mr Pure Energy" Valenciano, Vicente Valenciano.
One weekend, we went on a field trip and went to Fort Santiago, Intramuros. I took shots of cobblestone, the footsteps of Rizal, the towers and buildings. Fun day! I don't know why but a lot of people go here when they start out Photography for their first few photowalks. (See Ira's and Ellyn's Photowalk, Walled City Photowalk, Flickr)

Walking around in the walled city, I came to a patch of waterlilies. I snapped my shot then went on taking more pictures of walls and cobblestone. I had a LOT of cobblestone pictures.
Anyways, after developing my own film (yes, I developed it on my own, I printed it as well using an Enlarger), I showed the class my photo, they commented on how the colors were really pretty and how the red "popped".

I was surprised and it made me look at the picture again. Indeed there were red flowers in the picture.
And all of that time, I thought I was just shooting the green floating leaves.

A few weeks later, I went to the doctor and had my eyes checked and confirmed that I'm color-blind.
The Red-Green kind. This means, if theres a wall of green and specks of red (like the pic above) I won't be able to see the Red, and vice-versa.
Please note that this only happens at first glance. I can see the Red as long as I take a real good look at it.

Check if you are colorblind here
What colorblind people see here  (though I can't really differentiate)

How does it feel being colorblind?

I feel normal and it's nothing really detrimental to my life.

- Except for that test I took in highschool using a Maroon pen. The teacher made me re-do the test and write all 5 pages of essays in black ballpen.
- And when people have me look for that green "thing" (their bag, their shirt, or other stuff)
- And when my clothes don't match
- And during Christmas time with all the Red and Green!!
- and when I edit pictures.. dang!

hahaha oh well,  c'est la vie 
I'm the ColorBlind Photog

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