Weekend at Coron

I had a wonderful trip to Coron, Palawan the past weekend.

Palawan is an island in the western part of the Philippines,
Coron is there up top

It's a whole different world out there.
Right when we landed at Busuanga. Our group wanted to see it all. There's so much to do, we didn't know where to start. We decided to separate. Some went to the beach, while my group went to Calauit. The safari tour which was well well worth it.


There were zebras, girrafes, deer, monkeys, birds, alligators..

It was a looooong drive going back to the lodge we were staying at.
It's called Princess of Coron.
It's a nice and quaint place run by the Hausmann couple (Austrian!)
The place looks like this

But every time I hear Princess of Coron, I think of this:
Princess of Coron


We regrouped that night and went to Sea Dive for dinner.

The next day, we had a quick breakfast then we set of to

I jumped of a 12 foot rock here at this lake!

We went snorkeling..

We went swimming..

I dunno, we just had fun..

Not much pictures, since I didn't want to get my cam wet, and I was there to swim and snorkel.. hahaha

then we went to the beach! We had our own little beach to ourselves..

We had tuna and inihaw na baboy and squid fun lunch. The bangkero/boatman cooked it on the boat just using a tin can and charcoal! how cool is that?!

we just lounged around while the girls sunbathed..

We found Patrick Starfish! hehe

then we went on to the twin lagoons

Somewhere there in the middle, there's a spot where you swim underneath so you can get to the lagoon! My God, it was wonderful.. again, I don't have any photos but take my word. It was awesome! I just wanted to float there in the middle (using my lifevest) in the middle of it all...

Afterwards, we were up for more snorkeling. the waters were cooling down and the fish came out. We had some bread so we fed the fish..

It started to rain, but it quickly cleared up. But you know what that means.. Rainbows!!

after a long day.. we decided to head back..
on the way back, the sun was setting.. so i decided to practice my strobing..

we got back to POC, then relaxed a bit before going to Bistro for dinner.. People say it's a must-go eatery so we decided to try it and order everything!! hahaha just kidding..
we did order a few pizzas and played some billiards

Day 3 of this weekend,
we just went into town looking for pasalubong..
I got a few packs of Kasuy (Cashew nuts)..
We were actually just so tired, we just hung out and enjoyed each others company.
I had a great time this past weekend and had time for R&R.

Till next time...

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