Movie 7: My Sister's Keeper

Movie 7: My Sister's Keeper (2009)
January 31, 2011
Star movies

Nick Cassavetes
Jeremy Leven, Nick Cassavetes
Abigail Breslin Andromeda 'Anna' Fitzgerald
Sofia Vassilieva Kate Fitzgerald
Cameron Diaz Sara Fitzgerald

In Los Angeles, the eleven year old Anna Fitzgerald seeks the successful lawyer Campbell Alexander trying to hire him to earn medical emancipation from her mother Sara that wants Anna to donate her kidney to her sister. She tells the lawyer the story of her family after the discovery that her older sister Kate has had leukemia; how she was conceived by in vitro fertilization to become a donor; and the medical procedures she has been submitted since she was five years old to donate to her sister. Campbell accepts to work pro bono and the obsessed Sara decides to go to court to force Anna to help her sister

It seems so simple when you read about the plot, but you wouldn't understand how difficult a situation this is until you put yourself in their shoes.
Your sister is sick and you would do everything to save her. How can you choose not to do it anymore?

It's a movie about life decisions, family decisions, faith and letting go.
The movie touches on difficult situations but is not that painful to watch.
It shows the drama, love, fighting, and encouragement that all people face in battles but it also shows that most of the time it isn't happy or encouraging to go on fighting but instead a painful road to ride on.

My grandparents have fought this battle when i was young, I can only imagine what my parents were going through.

It's a tearjerker of a movie but the message is just we have to live our lives.. Love and care for each other and in the end, let go and let God.

Watch it!

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