Day 2

Day 2, originally uploaded by ssshortzzz.

Man this is hard...

I spent the whole day thinking what I should shoot for today. Will this get even harder as the days go by?

I kept thinking, "any picture will do", then I realize that's just taking the easy way out.
I need this project to push myself, to bring out my creativity and not just be a chore.

I have mixed emotions of being excited and anxiety.. but I can do this.

Today was good. This morning, I heard mass and in the homily, Fr. Mar introduced this nun who will be a hundred, (yes 100) years old this Jan 5th.. and her secret to such a long life? just living for God and for others.. I hope to live a life like that.

I bought a bluray of Step Brothers.. double disc with hours of footage.
I knew it, this movie was all improv! they just did each scene over and over, improving each and every line.. funny shit!

Went to Sunken in the afternoon. First time to toss in months.. man, I really need to get back into shape..

Anyways, back to work tomorrow.

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