Manila Spirits 2011

We're back at the ACC for this year's Manila Spirits! 3 Days of Ultimate Frisbee and Partying 20111126-DSC_7502-Edit.jpg Congratulations to the Champions!!!
Pool A - Black Flag
Pool B - Shanghai
Pool C - Monster
Pool D - DDS

I took quite a few shots, so I'll post by the end of the week. But here's a few of the finals.. 20111126-DSC_7378.jpg
20111126-DSC_7387.jpg 20111126-DSC_7391.jpg 20111126-DSC_7397.jpg 20111126-DSC_7404.jpg 20111126-DSC_7407.jpg 20111126-DSC_7415.jpg 20111126-DSC_7420.jpg 20111126-DSC_7431.jpg 20111126-DSC_7432.jpg 20111126-DSC_7437.jpg 20111126-DSC_7441.jpg 20111126-DSC_7442.jpg 20111126-DSC_7459.jpg

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Anonymous said...

Did u attend d 1999 mowelfund photo workshop?


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