I will track my facial hair for one month..
or until the management at the office makes me shave..

Day 1 - clean shaved


Well it's the cleanest I can shave it. Didn't get to buy a new razor..
Come, let's join us.. it's just day one!

Day 2
Saturday at home for some R & R

Day 3 - Pimple day

Also went to the Ateneo Bonfire celebrating our 3peat victory in UAAP basketball

Day 4 - back to work

Pimples still there, starting to have a shadow..

day 5 - long day at work...

had fun though at group study for this weekend

day 6 - hump day

had lunch with fiel, missed you girl..
training for this weekend.. konti nalang

Day -7

Missed work because I had the runs.. I dunno what I ate...LBM is killer..

day 8 - cramming

a veeeeerrrrry long day.. and it's going to be a long weekend as well..

day 9..
I'll just insert a picture later on.. didnt have a cam during the orienteering weekend
UPDATE: from Alman's cam.. what an enjoyable weekend at Pagsanjan, Laguna. We stayed at Villa Socorro. check our Villa Socorro Agri-Eco Village and Farm Resort

101010 - what a historic day

It's getting long!!!

Day 11 - FAIL..

Had to shave... oh well..
maybe next time

Here's the other peeps

Rules of the game:

but I did grow a Novembeard right after that day I shaved that october day


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