I'm running out of space!

You guys know how much of life I partake of, and you know how much I love digitizing and sharing my experiences... BUT I'm running out of space!!!

I need Western Digital to give me a 1 Terabyte Hard Disk to put my life on.
There's a YugaTech contest ongoing, and I have to show you through a picture, why I need more space.

What you think?
Are the Laser discs a little too much?
But that Forrest Gump LD has all the special scenes not even available in the DVD!

WD Put your life on it

well I wasn't even in the top 10.. Nino Avenido of Out of Body Special won the drive!

Anyways, some other shots I took and I would like to thanks Issa for help in styling.


Ian Villar said...

check out the competition in the comments section

Anonymous said...

Cool site dude! I'll link it to my blog. Good luck in your Terabyte contest.


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